Zoho Writer

Zoho Writer is one of the most well known online writer software which is now available for Google laptop. This word processor has the ability and full potential to replace Microsoft Word. The biggest advantage it has over MS Word is that it is free to use. The Zoho documents or Zoho docs can be easily integrated with Chrome Laptops. The new Zoho writer gives the Chromebook users another arsenal in their artillery by which they can upload and view the Zoho documents through their web based device. The number of people who work online is growing exponentially and keeping this thing in mind Google joined hands with the Zoho writer to bring forth a powerful combination of tools which help the Google Chrome users an opportunity to carry out their business right online and that too without investing much for this powerful processor. The Zoho Writer has provided Google with an extension for the Zoho Docs that helps the Chromebook Cr-48 users to upload as well as view the documents created by means of the Zoho Writer. Chrome OS, which is the operating system for Chrome laptops, has this unique feature which is termed as File manager. Now while using Google file manager you can create, view and upload Zoho Docs and make full use of the documents by sharing them for both domestic and official purpose.

Download Zoho Writer from the Chrome Web Store

Zoho Writer extension is available for free at the Chrome Web Store – a place which harbors thousands of applications fully made compatible for Google’s large online clients for the users of Google laptops. Zoho writer being an online application uses Ajax which makes it all the more powerful. Chromebook has revolutionized the way we view an operating system by incorporating the Chrome OS. This unique feature has now seamlessly merged with the Zoho Writer which has got a new dimension by providing an extension for the Google Chrome. By using the Zoho writer you can create documents at one place and then access it from anywhere else on any device through the cloud. This makes the portability and compatibility of the documents higher than any other documents created by any Word processor such as MS word. You can create any document at home and may access it at office from another system without even carrying anything on the way to your work place. You are never required to save any document for further use on your physical memory of the computer rather you can access it while you are online from anywhere.

Zoho writer supports a number of fonts and has numerous functionalities that makes it a powerful and yet light online based application program. Zoho is compatible with the services of Google this makes you to use the Zoho documents without even thinking about modifying it for future use. Zoho supports a wide variety of fonts which gives you numerous styles in which you can represent your documents.

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