Stupeflix Video Maker

Now anyone can make spectacular looking videos and slideshows with the push of a few buttons

Developed by Stupeflix, Stupeflix Video Maker is a free Chrome app that has already been downloaded over 140,000 times. Stupelix is an easy to use all in one video creating app that allows the user to input pictures and songs to make a video that looks very professional. The biggest selling point to Stupeflix is that even if you have never done any video editing in the past, you can now create professional looking projects within only a few minutes.

Stupeflix Video Maker Features:

  • Create Slide Shows: Slideshows are a great way to organize photos in an entertaining way. You can add your favorite songs as well as photos or use some of the existing songs that come with Stupeflix Video Maker.
  • Create Professional Looking Videos With Premade Themes: The premade themes are excellent and allow anyone to create a professional looking theme. With the premade themes, you won’t have to do any of the hard work with creating a slideshow as they are already made and you can just pick the one that best suits your vision.
  • Transitions and Text Slides: The transitions when making a slideshow are top notch and include black screen, star wipe, and many more. Having great looking transitions are one of the easiest and best ways to make an amazing looking slideshow or video.
  • Create Voice Over Projects For A Video: If you are looking to complete a simple voice over a set of pictures, a tutorial video, or captures from your computer Stupeflix can do so. You can play your video and talk over it using your microphone to create a voice over for whatever project you happen to be working on.
  • Free Royalty Free Music Tracks: There are several royalty free music tracks you can use to play over your slideshow or video.
  • Share your video to sites such as Youtube and Facebook: Once you finish your project, simply press the share button and let the world see what you have been working on!

Download Stupeflix Video Maker

The next time you need to have a video project completed, don’t bother your buddy or pay someone to do the job. With Stupeflix Video Maker anyone with a chromebook can load the free app and create a high quality video. If you want to give a wedding gift, why not make the bride and groom a beautiful wedding slideshow or video to remember the day forever?

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