Sony Chromebook Details and Information

While Samsung and Acer have released their version of the popular laptop known as the Chromebook, very soon Sony will also be making their own version of the lightweight portable computer. The Sony Chromebook has been leaked by Sony insiders in early March and since then the web has been abuzz about the news. Since then, a few photographs have been released and the laptop looks like a beauty.

Sony Chromebook Estimated Details and Information:

  • 11.6 inch Screen: As with all chromebooks, the Sony version will have a small screen that is made to be portable. The Sony Chromebook will be perfect for taking on road trips and other vacations as it can easily be put in a backpack for easy access.
  • Powerful 1.2 GHz Processor With 1GB of Ram: Even though the Sony Chromebook is meant to be portable, the device does pack a punch. The powerful processor can deliver excellent looking videos and photographs and is should browse the web with no problems. Also, the Sony Google laptop will have no problem playing any of the games on the Android market and even the most graphic extensive programs.
  • 16 GB of Storage: While 16 gigabytes of storage space may seem like a small amount, well the answer is yes that is a small amount. What many may not know is this is because Google Chromebooks fully utilize cloud storage and this means that having a large hard drive is not as important as it once was. This is a huge benefit to the manufacturing of the laptops as it makes the device much more portable, lightweight, and even cuts down the total cost of the laptop. Cloud storage is a way to store data over the internet and allows you to access your data on any computer that is hooked up to the internet. Of course, if you like you can always purchase a portable hard drive for under $100 and plug it into the usb port of the Chromebook.
  • 8 Hour Battery Life: Another huge selling point for the Sony Chromebook is the 8 hour battery life. Any college student knows that being on campus and having your laptop die can be a big problem. The next time you meet with your study group and have no computer because the battery died you will be cursing your laptop and wished you had a Chromebook with its large battery life. 8 Hours is a large amount of time that should please even the most critical laptop users.
    Black and White: It looks as if there will for sure be a black color for the Sony Chromebook, however, there has also been leaked pictures of a new white version to be released as well.

The Sony Chromebook looks like it is going to set the bar for all of google laptops.  The Sony Chromebook looks like it will be the most powerful Chrome laptop to date and with a $300 to $400 price range, should be within most people’s budget.

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