Google Drive available for Chromebook

Google has recently launched Google Drive for the Chrome OS version. It will be also available on conventional computers, Mac and Windows, and mobile devices (Android phones and iPhones). Google integrated Google Drive into the lastest developer version of Chrome OS (version The service is similar to Dropbox and Skydrive (from Microsoft), however, your Chrome laptop would work better with Google Drive as it’s now part of your Chrome OS file manager interface.

We find Google Drive as it’s the hard drive of the Google Laptop. You just only need to choose your most important files, copy and paste them into the Google Drive and that’s it! You have your files saved on the Google cloud.

What are the main functions of Google Drive?

  • Access Anywhere – As it works on the cloud, you are allowed to access Google Drive wherever you are, in your office, in the shopping, at home, cafe, etc.
  • Free – You have 5GB of free space. You can upgrade to 25GB for less than USD2,50 a month.
  • Sharing Files – Google Drive lets you share your files with who you want and edit them together from any device.
  • Security – No matter what happens with your device (computer, phone, etc) you will always have your files safe under the Google cloud computing system.
  • Integration – Google Drive is also integrated with Google Docs (An online service that competes with Microsoft’s Office).

This is an early version of the program, because of that it might have lack of functionalities for sure. But still as is, Google Drive is able for you to give a chance and test it. We will keep you updated with neweer features. It would be great that you let us know your feedback about your expierence with Google Drive as well as the functions you think Google must include in the future.

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