Google Chrome OS VS Windows and MAC

Chrome OS in comparison to Windows and iOS

Chrome OS is a Linux-based operating system which has been developed by Google for its innovative product – the Chromebook. It has been programmed in C, C++ and comes pre-installed in the Google laptops. Chrome OS fundamentally consists only of a web-browser enabling it to work exclusively with web applications that generally run on the Cloud network. It will simply feel like Google Chrome OS with no layer between it and the machine in which it is installed. Chrome OS is designed to use on “netbooks” like the Chrome laptop which is a small and economical laptop intended only for web browsing, playing media and simple office tasks.

When we work on our machine, we spent most of the time on the web-browser engaged in activities like chatting with friends, Internet shopping, watching videos, reading news, etc. This makes the web browser the most important program on our computer. Google developers came up with a new web browser consisting of dynamic apps like maps, videos and other web apps called “Chrome” which is crazy fast and more secured. The success of Chrome led to the inception of what we today know as Chromebook.

The advantages of Chrome OS

The biggest advantage of Chrome OS compared to Windows and Mac is that is that it is way faster when it comes to the time required for booting up. Normally even the fastest computer would take about 45 seconds to boot up the OS which includes loading a list of things we normally are not worried about – like BIOS, OS primitives, hardware detection, boot loader, etc. So it takes a lot of time to get on the Internet after we boot up our computer. Chrome laptops do not have the traditional OS and thus can load within 10 seconds and connect to the Internet straightaway. Whenever we start the computer we are connected to the Internet. This Google laptop is exclusively designed for web apps and every single activity takes place within the browser, which means users do not have to deal with managing programs, nagging updates or confusing settings. The security sandbox contains all apps making it secured from malware and viruses. Furthermore, every time we restart our computer, the Chromebook OS always verifies the integrity of its code and it fixes itself in case if system has been compromised. Chrome OS is hence a re-thought computer which lets you stop worrying about your computer so that you can focus on the Internet.

Recently Google has launched its first Chrome laptop — the Cr-48, which is pitted against traditional rivals Microsoft and Apple. Chromebooks OS directly compete with the likes of Windows 7 and Apple iOs. However, the basis of the Chrome laptops is so different from the others that it would create its own base as it becomes popular with time.

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