Who said it’s not possible to work with MS Project files on Chrome Laptop? Well, this person was totally wrong.

Gantter is a web 2.0 project scheduling application for Google Chrome (actually, it supports several browsers) which integrates with Google Docs. You can save and open schedules directly to and from Google Docs. Furthermore, based on the Google Docs integration, you can share your files with other users and collaborate with those users in real time in the cloud. Gantter supports MS Project files with the advantage that you don’t need to buy or install anything. Gantter allows you manage all kind of projects, for example; from simple to complex IT projects, the moving of your new home, etc.

Managing Projects on your Chrome Laptop

We can say that Gantter is a web-based Microsoft Project version which has arrived to your Chromebook. Let’s check out the main features and advantages of Gantter using a Chrome Laptop:

  • First and very important item, Gantter is totally free.
  • This web-based application does not require any software to be installed on your Google Laptop nor additional components to be installed in the Chrome browser.
  • You can plan and estimate your project (duration, work, cost) by splitting the project into a number of tasks
  • Gantter lets you manage your project resources (work or material) and assign them to tasks. You can also manage both project and resource calendars. (set working times, add holidays etc).
  • You can review you plan using Gantt chart.
  • Of course you can import your MS Project files.
  • Gantter supports 11 different languages (Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Spanish, French, Japanese, German, Norwegian, Russian, English and Ukrainian).
  • Cut, Copy and Paste feature for tasks, resources and calendars.

At the beginning you add tasks as you do in MS Project. Then you set dependencies between them (Finish-to-Start, Start-to-Start, Finish-to-Finish, Start-to-Start) and indent them to create summary tasks. After that you can add resources, modify their calendars, assign resources to tasks, etc.

Because of all those advantages we strongly consider Gantter as one of the best project management tools for the Chrome Laptop. Even more if the company you work for rents Chromebooks under the Google subscription plan, this web-based application could be essential for the day-to-day of the Project Management department which will additionally be saving lot of money in licence costs.

Of course Gantter provides you with more advanced features and settings (such as; set tasks deadlines, constraints, types, etc.) but we will let you download Gantter from Chrome Web Store, explore all of them and get back to us with your opinion of the new features.

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