The Cost Effectiveness of Owning a Chromebook

In the month of December, 2010 Google introduced Chromebooks to the world, which was accepted amidst huge fanfare. The Google laptops have the potential to usher a new generation of personal computing – triggered by two most important technology of the present day – the Internet and Cloud Computing.

The operating system of the Chrome laptop is based on the Chrome browser, and every activity happens through well-developed applications of the browser. It is different, simple yet very powerful mode of operating. The idea is based on the fact that most of the work we do today is based on the Internet, and we need a huge amount of storage to store our important data. Google laptops have freed us from the storage crunch, as most of the data is stored securely on the cloud itself – thereby relieving us from invest huge amount on storage devices.

What are the advantages of the Google Laptops?

The main advantage of the Chrome laptops is its cost-effectiveness. There are several aspects of the machine which reduces monthly costs to a great extent. Firstly, as discussed above, the storage costs are done with – thanks to the extensive use of the Cloud. The Cloud is a cluster of servers, which can be accessed from a network which is connected to it. It is an implementation of distributed computing, where no one machine is stressed for resources. Here, the Chromebook is not cramped for space, making it faster and more efficient.

Apart from storage, Chrome laptops are extremely efficient in matters of battery. It’s average battery cycle is longer than other commercial laptops, thus saving electricity costs. Moreover, it helps in realizing the basic purpose of a mobile laptop – accessing it more often while on the go.

Thirdly, what is most important, is that it only thrives on the Internet, and is extremely secure. It is controlled by the Chrome browser, and thus third party applications like anti-virus need not be invested upon. There are several apps available for download for free on the Chrome Web Store, thus doing away with finding compatible software applications and buying them individually.

The marketing team of Chrome laptops are well aware of the cost-effectiveness of the futuristic machine and thus it is being advertised in a way that it becomes affordable for all. The libraries and students are a main target area as it is being sold in very simple instalment schemes. This enables everyone to use these laptops, without much investment at the start.

The only purchase that one needs to do with a Chromebook is to get a fast and reliable internet connection. An unlimited data plan would be a good investment considering the fact that most of the activities on Chromebook happens on the Internet itself.

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