Chrome Zone: The Latest Marketing Tool for Google Laptops

Advertisements have always bought companies a large deal of customers. Trying out products live on hand free of cost gives immense pleasure to consumers. Most of the buyers out there surely wish to try out their ‘Dream Gadget’ before spending bucks on it. This gives them the confidence that they are making the correct choices. This is really a small investment every company should make in order to earn long term benefits. A customer cannot be more satisfied than trying out the product with their own hands.

Developing a perfect marketing strategy, Google has developed several try out zones for their latest product – Chrome Laptop. Partnered with several companies like Acer and Samsung, Google has integrated its newly developed OS – Chrome OS into the hardware developed by the aforementioned companies. Mainly a browser based OS; the Chromebook seems to be a latest hit. The OS mainly aims at developing cloud computing services, a recently popularized new concept. It requires constant internet services to keep its apps updated and running. Offline services are also available, where Google stores webpage in its memory cache, and users can access the data offline.

Google has reportedly opened first of its marketing outlet of this kind for the sole promotion of the Google Laptop.  Designers have designed the outlet quite well, keeping in mind the requirements of the recent trend. Google selected its stores at suitable locations, i.e. well known stores for technology gadgets. They have really tried hard to provide their ‘esteemed’ customers the firsthand experience of their latest OS – Chrome OS in real world and virtualized environment. Technically a retail store, users who liked the fresh Chrome OS may have even picked up their copies and the Chromebooks.

Designers of the stores have made it very colorful and vivid. Sitting arrangements are quite comfortable, where users may pick up the Chrome laptop and try them out for whatever time they want. The retail outlets are even quite user-friendly. Google is hoping that the product will penetrate the market more if they are able to satisfy consumer first. The first time experience is really problematic for the old desktop users. It surely takes some time to accept technological changes. Chrome OS is basically cloud-centric. Apps are dynamic and require constant internet connection for survival, where data is stored in the servers and information is constantly downloaded and thus the apps remain updated. It will be like ‘to be released’ next windows operating system, codenamed ‘Windows 8’, where metro applications are present which are also cloud-centric.

In order to make the first time use experience a healthy one, trained experts will be present on hand for any troubleshooting. Feedback forms are also being collected from the users in order to improvise the existing system.

With technology improving at such a rapid pace, Google is surely moving at par.

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