Chrome Aura Interface Review

In early 2012, Chrome announced a new user interface known as “Aura.” This interface added several new nice features such as a taskbar, an icon launcher similar to what is used on windows and Mac and also new animations. Functional support for zipped files was also included in addition to having a brand new music player. The interface add on was a huge addition for chromebook users and chrome operating system looks like it will become a juggernaut in the not so near future.

Chrome Aura Interface Features

Google Shelf: The Google shelf is a bar which comes with a set of commonly used programs pinned to the bottom left hand of the screen. These icons include chrome, Gmail, Google plus, Youtube, and Google docs. Of course, you can add your own icons there as well similar to the bar in the center of the screen in the MAC OS. When you want to use the chrome browser, you will also have the option to minimize the shelf or keep it displayed at all times. Personally, having the shelf always displayed is my preference but I see how it could annoy others.

Custom Wallpaper: A very sought out feature that was long overdue is now available is the ability to change your home screen wallpaper and make it whichever picture you prefer. Took an amazing photograph last time you were at the beach? Setup the bad boy by setting it as the default desktop photo. Another awesome feature is that every day you log onto your computer you will have the option to download a brand new beautiful background. While not being the most important feature, it is a nice touch to show that while the chromebook may be a finished project, there will always be nice new features to users.

Updated Media Player: The new media player that comes with aura is much improved and now includes desktop notifications (artist name and title of song are now displayed in the bottom of the screen.)

The Chrome Aura interface updated tried to give Chromebook users a more desktop feel and they did an excellent job. Between the efficient Google shelf, custom wallpapers, and the excellent new media player the Aura interface update can be claimed as a huge success. While the chrome OS still has several steps to go, the aura update is a great step in the right direction and hopefully future updates will be as powerful as this one.

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