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In the last few years, it has been observed that users prefer to have more flexibility on the products that they use. As a result, most electronic gadgets and utility software platforms are offering several different apps for the users to choose from. Google laptops are not an exception in these matters – in fact, Chrome laptops have been a trendsetter in its own way by rolling out a huge range of useful and innovative applications. One such application is the Ajax Animator which is a web based animation suite that works offline in a Chromebook.

Here’s more about this handy application:

The Ajax Animator was basically built with the idea of making a web centric animation suite in mind so that it can be an alternative to the Flash IDE and help users pick the better of the two. But as the days have passed slowly but surely it has taken the shape of more of an animation tool which can regardless of any platform or any format and this is because of its offline nature in any Google laptop. So it is obvious that it has gained a good amount of popularity among the Chromebook crowd since its release.

Some of the basic features of the Ajax Animator include a well-built and descriptive tutorial which teaches the user all the necessary functionalities of the application and also presents it in the form of a manual and mark while working with a Chrome laptop. Other than that there is an exhaustive set of possible questions and with them their answers mentioned in the FAQ section and with it there is a rich graphic editor which works with the help of a Multi-Layer Support as well. The Animation Browser in the extension can open JSON type of files and preview them and edit with the help of the Colour Editor as well.

On top of all these features there is this wonderful Vector Editor version of this application which is more stable because it is powered by RaphaelJS and can even pick from a wide array of shapes and sizes in Chrome laptop. The 0.20.4 version in fact has the ability of animation sharing by which animations can be exchanged with the help of this Google Wave gadget. Moreover, a savvy new user interface has also been introduced and there is always the option of making the frames visible in Google laptop.

Download Ajax Animator for Chrome Laptop

Ajax Animator is also an Open Source project making it open and collaborative for Chromebook users all over the world to contribute. Its source code is available all over the Internet and has been supplied by its creators so that any coder can improve its quality in terms of functionality and performance.

Another curious but incredible information is that Ajax Animator started to be developed by a 14 year old guy in 2007. You can get more details about the developer visiting http://antimatter15.com/.

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