AccessNow by Ericom (RDP client)

It is sometime now that Ericom has announced its new product AccessNow. The idea of cloud computing is spreading like a wildfire. With so many gadgets that has come into being recently has even made AccessNow a vastly important tool to possess. Ericom produced AccessNow based on a pure HTML5 remote desktop (RDP) client which has the ability to run in any web browser. There is no requirement of installing any external application or software on the client system. A browser is just enough to carry out the operation provided it supports HTML5. The best part of Ericom’s AccessNow is that it is completely device independent and thus virtually it can run anywhere.

100% compatible with the Google Laptop

Coming to Google Chromebook and its compatibility with AccessNow, it can be strongly said that they work seamlessly. There are no hitches and glitches in the connection and once the client establishes his connection with the server computer the flow is simple and easy o handle. Chrome OS used by Chromebook of Google is a Websocket enabled device. Ericom has designed AccessNow for every such system that has the capability to work with HTML5. However, when it comes to Chromebook it works rather smoothly as the CPU architecture never becomes a hindrance in case of the Chromebook.

This device has removed the necessity various software and devices that were to be installed previously in order to transmit data. Now if you have a desktop situated somewhere and you are physically far away from it, still you can access it and import data on your device. A Chromebook user has just got to open his or her Google Chrome browser and by doing so they can access the data remotely situated in any other device. Websockets hold the key that has been devised by Ericom.

How does AccessNow work?

The Ericom AccessNow server has got several components that have to be installed on the Remote desktop. This remote desktop is supposed to act as a host and will serve data to the clients who ask permission for access.  Google’s Chrome laptops are now regularly installing some features that are providing it an extra edge and thereby taking it forward in the race of internet based OS.

A Google laptop is pre-installed with an efficient browser as Google Chrome. This browser is the only requirement that Ericom needs while establishing the RDP. After the connection is established the desktop becomes accessible to the clients over the network. The features of AccessNow help it to gel well with the devices which are based on web applications. In this category Chrome laptops score above the rest.

Once you are using Google Chromebook all you need to do is open the browser, enter the terminal address of the AccessNow server which you want to access. After doing so you have to enter some credentials of yours that may validate your access to the remote desktop. Once you have completed the above actions from your Chromebook you can Connect and voila! You enter directly into the desktop.

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