Turn your old unused Laptop into a Chromebook in 6 easy steps.

Do you have an unutilized laptop? Don’t throw it away, install Chromium OS and convert it into a Chromebook.Chromium Os Laptops

It’s likely that many of you have an old laptop stored in a box in the attic or garage for different reasons; because it became obsolete and slow, because you can’t upgrade it to new Windows versions anymore, etc. So, before you throw it away we believe that you should reconsider refreshing it with a new lighter and faster OS. It’s very easy and take little time.

In this article you will learn how to easily install Chromium OS in a Netbook (It’s mostly aimed at netbooks but it works with laptops and desktops too), what hardware and skills would be appropiate to have and the benefits of doing this.

What’s are the Chromium OS benefits?

First of all, we must know that Chromium OS is an open source and free release of the Google Chrome OS. Chromium OS version can be expanded by any developer, even you, as this is part of the ‘open source’ main idea. It lets you obtain certain flexibility and faster updates.

So, we can say that both Chromium OS and Chrome OS are almost but not exactly the same thing.  They use the same source code and possibly incorporate nearly all of the same features and benefits.

Furthermore, installing Chromium OS you will have all the same Google Chromebook benefits such as booting up in less than 8 seconds, automatic OS updates, no need of antivirus soft, etc. Comparing Chromium OS against Windows, we have to say that Google OS will get the most out of your old device where as Windows will slow it down dramatically, remember why your device was archived in the garage.

What skills, hardware and software should you need?

  • Skills: You must know how to compress/un-compress files, nothing else.
  • Netbook/Laptop/Desktop: You need to know if your old device is compatible with Chromium OS. Please check the Compatibility List depending on the kind of device you own.
  • Software: You need to download the lastest Image of Chromium OS from Hexxeh.net (USB Version) and the Image Writer for Windows (to create the USB Image).

How to install Chromium OS in 6 easy steps?

Once you have downloaded all the needed software indicated above, you should follow the next steps:

  1. Un-compress the Chromium Image file twice until get the .IMG file.
  2. Un-compress the Image Writer.
  3. Format your flash USB drive.
  4. Open Image Writer and Write the Chromium OS File (.IMG) to the USB Drive.
  5. Restart the computer in USB mode.
  6. Login to Chromium with facepunch as username and facepunch as password (Only the first time, then you can restart it and login again using your Google Account).

Do you have a Mac? Mac Instructions here.

Once you have tested this guide, please let us know your feedback or suggestions below so we can upgrade it. Of course Chromium experiences are welcomed as well.

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  1. Dee
    April 21, 2013 at 06:04

    Thank you. I have search for a “simple” way to put chrome on my old dell laptop. This sounds like something I can do so I will try it. Thank you.

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