Gaming in Chromebook

Lord of Ultima - ChromebookUnlike many other laptops and computers, designed specially to appeal to the gamers, the Chromebook is a generic laptop which may not always be a gamer’s first preference, owing to its minimalistic features. However, if you are a fan of MMORPGs such as the World of Warcraft, you can keep playing them with your Google laptop as well. Besides these MMOs, which are completely compatible with the Chrome operating system, there are other browser games that have been designed specifically for the Chrome operating system. Some of these games include the Dark Orbit, Lord of Ultima and the Dead Frontier.

Other games like Minecraft, Perfect World, Evony, Blight of the Immortals, Backyards Monsters and Battlestar Galactica will also run normally on your Chromenook, giving you the best of both worlds. Since the Chromebook has heavily optimized the Chrome operating system for web based applications, the MMOs play even better on it than they would on a Windows OS or Apple’s OS X. Apart from these, there are many more titles which have been tested on the Chrome laptops and found to be working well.

Compatible Games with the Chrome Laptop

A lot of the games were tested before the Chromebook was first launched. This was done to make sure that the Chrome laptop was ready to meet the expectations of the major categories of computer users. Since there is a large chunk of users who use their computers not only for computing, but also for playing MMOs, it has been a wise decision on Google’s part.

Google’s Chrome operating system is an ever evolving OS and if newer technologies are utilized for creating MMOs, there is no reason to suspect that they would not be compatible with the Google laptop. Players have often tried to pose complete lists of games which are compatible with the Chromebook, but so far, they are yet to come across a game which cannot be played on it. However, for the Java based games, some players may experience certain difficulties as it the Chrome OS is not completely compatible with Java runtime environment.

Therefore, games like Runescape, which are based on Java, may not always work seamlessly on the Chromebook. To remedy this problem, special apps have been designed for the Chrome OS. These apps allow you to play your favorite web based games on the gaming websites instead of downloading the application and playing without being connected to the Internet.

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