Chromebook Cinema: Netflix on your Google Laptop

Netflix running in Chrome LaptopWe already know that our beloved Chrome laptop has a breath-taking amount of amazing features, with all its apps, extensions, and overall resourcefulness. But who doesn’t love a good movie every now and then? It’s this question Google answered a few months back, when they announced that the ever-popular video-streaming service known as Netflix was coming to the Google laptop.

And now it has finally arrived!

That’s right! Now users running the latest version of the  Chromebook’s own Chrome OS can stream videos straight from their internet-loving machine. There’s one more reason you should own a Chromebook, if you don’t by now.

Watching Flix on the Net

As most of you already know at this point (unless you live under a rock), Netflix is a company that provides subscription-based rentals of movies and TV shows through internet streaming or delivery by mail (US). Over the years, Netflix has made its mark as one of the most convenient ways to watch movies and TV shows, and it has become hugely successful because of it. And with the release of the Chromebook, which is a laptop specifically designed for internet use, adding the ability to watch Netflix seemed inevitable.

And because the movies and TV shows can stream directly to your Chrome laptop from the cloud, you can watch an enormous amount of entertaining content almost immediately, depending on your connection speed. Of course, there’s still the option of having DVDs sent to your house via mail orders, just in case your internet doesn’t like you. But thanks to the sheer online power of the Google laptop, you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting through to Netflix anyway.

In fact, you even have the option of buying a 3G version of the Google laptop with a Verizon Wireless data plan from Samsung for $499. This should allow you internet access anywhere that Verizon Wireless is serviced. This plan gives you 100 MB of free data for two months, along with an additional 1 GB, so long as you can pay $20 a month for it. It’s a bit more expensive, including the expense of the Chrome laptop itself, but considering this is internet we’re talking about, along with Netflix, it’s worth the purchase.

How to Set it Up

Now that you know all that, it’s time to set up your Chrome laptop with Netflix:

  1. The first thing you’ll need to do is get yourself a Netflix account. Without one, how will you use Netflix?
  2. Now that you’ve taken care of your account, go make sure your Chromebook’s operating system is up-to-date. Go to the wrench icon in the browser, click “About Chrome OS,” and then click “Check for update.” If or when your Google laptop is up-to-date, you should now be ready for the third and final step.
  3. Lastly, go to the Netflix website, sign in, and watch something. It’s as simple as that.

Now that you’re all set, all that’s left to do is sit back and watch your movie/show. And it’s a good thing Chromebooks now support Netflix, too, because it isn’t something any laptop should be without.

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